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Indoor Air Maintenance and Service offers a wide range of services for condominiums, apartments and home owners.  We are the fan coil specialists!  Plus, we offer many services like dryer vent cleaning, interior dryer cleaning, bathroom vent cleaning, as well as, booster fan service.

What We Offer

  • Fan Coil Service & Maintenance
  • Remediation Service
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Dryer Interior Cleaning

Fan Coil Maintenance

Fan coils are an integral appliance for heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Like any other appliance, fan coils should be maintained.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

The purpose of  dryer vent is to remove moisture, heat and lint and vent it to the outside. Avoid fire hazards by having your dryer vents cleaned regularly.

Dryer Interior Cleaning

Because dryer vents are not sealed tightly, lint will escape into the dryer interior. Our experienced technicians will remove the outer cabinet, clean the interior of the dryer and reassemble it ensuring it’s working correctly.

Bathroom Vent Cleaning

Bathroom vents are cleaned from the interior to the outside vent using a reversed air wash system. Removing debris from the vent systems will increase your indoor air quality.

Booster Fan Service

Booster fans are an integral part of the vent system. A booster fan is installed to exhaust the contaminated air outside like lint, dust, dust mites and moisture.

Make-Up Air Shaft Cleaning

Make-Up air shafts bring outside air into the building from the roof top, through each corridor on every floor then into each suite. Cleaning the air shafts helps the building to breath so you have clean indoor air in your suite.

Remediation Services

Remediation is the process by which the mould is removed from the cabinet interior where the mould grows.

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