Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over 15,000 fires in the United States each year are caused by dryer vent fires. Your family’s safety is as important to us as it is to you. Dryer vents are air washed from the dryer to the outside vent removing any debris from the vent. The booster fan is removed and cleaned (see booster fan service).

Dryer Safety tips:

  • Keep any flammable solvents or materials contaminated with the same away from the dryer.
  • Never put running shoes or anything like foam i.e.: foam pillows or clothing into the dryer.
  • Use dryer sheets only instead of liquid fabric softener, with cotton, fleece, terry cloth and velour. The burning speeds are enhanced by using liquid fabric softeners according to the Consumer Watchdog reports on these materials.
  • Never leave the dryer running when you are not in your condominium suite.
  • Always clean out your lint trap before every use.
  • Keeping the dryer vents clear of lint will help to reduce the drying time.
  • Clothes take longer to dry when the dryer vents are clogged.
  • Clean dryer vents save drying time and saves money.

We Also Offer Dryer Interior Cleaning

Because dryer vents are not sealed tightly, lint will escape into the dryer interior. Our experienced technicians will remove the outer cabinet, clean the interior of the dryer and reassemble it ensuring it’s working correctly. (Please note that this service will only be done if the dryer is no longer under warranty)

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